National ICT Award for School Teacher 2020, Submit Application


The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India has published official telling encouraging nominations for its National ICT awards for faculty instructors for its entire year 2018 and 2019, by most States/UTs and Autonomous Educational Institutions under MHRD. 

About National ICT Award for Future

Every awardee teacher can find an ICT Kit, a notebook and also a commendation certificate. Even the awardees could be invited to serve as teachers (resource persons) to their own area to motivate and instruct additional educators. Each of the awardees may develop a residential area of resource persons throughout media. Selected initiatives are discussed as guidelines all over the nation. 

Qualification Criteria for National ICT Award 2018 and 2019

School educators of primary, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary schools employed in virtually any established school at the Indian Union under these categories are entitled to employ:

(I) Faculties conducted by State Govt. /UTs Administration, schools run by local bodies, private schools associated to country boards, helped by State Govt. and UT Administration.

(ii) Central Govt. Schools i.e. Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs), Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs), Central Tibetan Schools Administration (CTSA), Sainik Schools and Schools conducted by Ministry of Defence (MoD), Schools conducted by National Energy Education Society (AEES).

(iii)   Schools associated with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) (apart from individuals in (I) and (ii) above)

(iv)  Schools associated with Council for Indian Schools Certificate Examination (CISCE) (Apart from individuals in (I), (ii) and (iii) above)

Notice: State Government / UTs administration might well not embarrass teachers out of some one of those other types. 

Option Process of National ICT Award

(I). For States & UT schools

Faculties will send in depth admissions within the prescribed format together with supporting records to the Directorate of Education of their State/UT throughout the District Education Officer.

The Directorate of Education, with the aid of a State-level Committee led by Secretary (Secondary Education)/ / SP D – Samagra Shiksha will inspect all of the admissions and short list the candidates and forwards the exact same to the Joint Director, Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET), NCERT, New Delhi – 110016 for additional actions. The amount of applicants to be nominated will probably soon be double the amount of awards allocated.

(II). For many others, i.e. Autonomous associations / associations under Govt of India:

Faculties will forward step by step entries in format together with supporting documents to the headquarters of the concerned company i.e. KVS, NVS, CBSE, CISCE, CTSA, Sainik Schools under Ministry of Defence (MoD), AEES.

A Committee under the pinnacle of this company of their autonomous figure will inspect all of the admissions and short list the candidates and ship the exact same to Your Joint Director, CIET, NCERT New Delhi – 110016 for additional actions. The amount of applicants to be nominated will probably soon be double the amount of awards allocated.

(III). In CIET the shortlisted candidates could have to make presentations before a Committee. The makeup of this Committee will function the Following:

that a ) Director, NCERT – Chairman
b) DDG, NIC – Member
c) Representative from Secondary Education  Bureau, Dept of SE&L, Ministry of HRD – Member
Id ) Representative by Dept of IT – Member
e) Joint Director, CIET – Member Secretary

(IV). The Committee would suggest the necessary quantity of awardees into the Ministry together with rationale. At the Ministry degree the proposition could be inspected until the approval of this Minister.

Allocation of National ICT Awards

(I) Three awards to each massive Condition (teacher intensity of just one lakh or even more ) 14x 3 = 42
(ii) 2 awards for each little Condition (teacher’s potency is not as than1 lakh) 14x 2 = 28
(iii) One award for every UT 9×1= 9
(iv) two awards per day for KVS &NVS 2×2= 4
(v) Three awards for CBSE 3
(vi) One award for CISCE inch
(vii) One award for CTSA inch
(viii) One award for Sainik School and Schools under MoD inch
(ix)  One award for schools under AEES inch

Total amount of awards will be 91.

Submit Nomination/ Entrance for National ICT Award for Teachers

• A teacher should be filed together with the Entry Form.

• The portfolio will consist of evidence of their teacher’s comprehension and usage of ICT in hisor her own professional development, in improving hisor her teaching-learning, also in improving general quality of instruction in community and schools.

• The portfolio needs to record sustained systematic work utilizing ICT through time associated production, duration, sharing, and dissemination/use of electronic contents for students, teaching-learning
 and appraisal.

• The portfolio will consist of relevant supporting records, reports, tools of activities, field visits, photographs, videos or representations.

• E-contents recorded within the portfolio (Audios, Videos, Multimedia, Charts, Maps, Versions lesson plans and graphics ) needs to really be uploaded/ shared on the web. E-Contents manufactured by instructors should be published on DIKSHA, NROER, etc.

Set of files to be connected together with Entrance Form

• Teacher Portfolio
• Entry Form
• Supporting records / signs [attach following supporting documents (soft copy and hard copy)]
• Supporting documents linked to execution of those ICT empowered teaching-learning together with students. (e.g. photos, field visit document, posters, banner ads, URL of site,  category, sites etc. ) )
• Pupils missions associated with ICT integration perform (at least 2 samples)
• Assessment tools utilized

Other Critical Steps

• Nominations/ Entrance of educators should be routed for your own parent company through proper station.
• Nomination/ Entrance shouldn’t be shipped straight to CIET-NCERT
• Nomination/ Entrance for the entire year 2018 and 2019 will likely be accessed on the web through portalsite.

Essential Dates for National ICT Award 2020

• final date for submission of nominations by faculty instructors into the Secretary (Education) of all States/UTs/Autonomous bodies is 31s t July, 2020.
• final date for entry of short listed nominations by the Secretary of all States/UTs/Autonomous businesses to CIET, NCERT is 31s t August,” 2020.

Crucial Web-Links

Entry Form and ICT Award Tips for 2018 and 2019: MS Word | PDF

Official Notification: English | Hindi

Official Website: Click Here

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